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 New Here?


A common saying around our place: “You just never know what’s gonna happen at Christ Church.”   Whether it’s children leading the service or seeing the dead raised to life, God is so faithful to us as we continually grow together as a family.  We strive diligently to protect the uniqueness of the gifts He has given us, while keeping the doors wide open to whosoever will.     
Our goal is for every person to leave with the assurance that they were in a place full of God’s undeserved, unmerited favor.  We are striving, as a church, to be the place where the spiritual needs of all are met.  We continue to see the power of God transform lives as He brings healing to the body, mind and soul.  Whether you are just passing through or looking for a place to call home, our prayer is that you feel at home and that you feel His presence today.

Who We Are

Our Vision

We will provide a grace centered, family oriented, and community involved ministry that will be accepting of all races, denominations, and social standings. We represent a “New Beginning” for all persons who desire to discover significance by living and maturing in Christ.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ.


We celebrate God’s presence in Worship.


We communicate God’s word through evangelism.


We incorporate God’s family into our fellowship.


We educate God’s people through fellowship.


We demonstrate God’s love through service.

Children’s Church

It is our mission and goal to pour into our children so they can be used by God. We desire to give them everything that they need to have a firm foundation as they begin a relationship with and start being used by God, now, as is his purpose for them.
We will teach them the word of God; that it is a living word full of power. We will teach and show them the power of prayer and fasting. God will prove Himself faithful by answering prayers and revealing purposes and plans, increasing the faith of the children. A boldness will be born as they realize that they are never too young to be used by God for the advancement of His kingdom
“Children’s Church is becoming a force to be reckoned with.  The 7-12 year olds gather every Wednesday night to experience Jesus on their level.  They start with corporate prayer, followed by praise and worship.  A message is shared with them in prayer and expectation that the Holy Spirit reveals himself to each child.  Altar service is packed with a group of kids praying and seeking after the Lord.  We also have fun night once a month – which is a night full of games, and lots of laughs.  These children are growing and gaining a beautiful new understanding of their Lord and Saviour.  We invite your children to come and grow with us!”

 What’s Happening

 Future Home of Christ Church

Nearly a decade has gone by since we purchased land for our new church building. We are so humbled to announce that construction has begun. We are seeing a promise from God being fulfilled right before our very eyes. What a mighty and faithful God we serve!! It may take ten minutes; It may take ten years, but His promises are true…yes and amen!    
There will be a place to park! There will be a place to sit! We will always endeavor to do whatever we can do, to provide a home for the lost and help to establish the Kingdom of God here on Earth. What greater cause could you find? We appreciate every financial seed sown into this ever-growing ministry. Thank you for blessing us!!  Tithes, offerings, and donations to the building fund can be made clicking the button below.  

Anonymous, March 29, 2020 - 4:28 pm

Anonymous, March 28, 2020 - 2:09 pm

Requesting prayer for Jean Autin - about to have open heart surgery

Connie Pollard, March 26, 2020 - 11:21 pm

Please pray for the town of Pitkin. We have our first case of the corona virus here and I am really scared for our town. I had to go get meds yesterday and everyone here is still running up and down the rds. So please pray for us. My gate is closed and no one can come in. Also please pray for my son Austin Robinson who is battling addiction really bad right now. He is out there bad. And I need God to help pull him back cause I have done all I can do. Thanks and I love you Christ Church.

Anonymous, March 13, 2020 - 3:39 pm

Requesting prayer for Sue Ritchie. She is battling horrible headaches and doctor found swelling of the brain.

Live Stream

3-22-20 Sunday Am

We are LIVE from Christ Church of Oakdale. If you would like to connect with us please visit us at or on our FB page. We do not have the rights to these songs.

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