About 12 years ago, we purchased land to build a church. We are so humbled to announce that the doors are open and we can't wait to see you there! God gave our Pastor a dream that became a vision we could all see and understand - and look what happened! What a mighty and faithful God we serve. It may take ten minutes. It may take ten years, but His promises are true...yes and amen!  My friends, don't ever give up on your dreams!!
We are doing our best to get the last details together. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to finish pouring the concrete of our parking lot due to the weather and mud...lots of mud. We do have shuttles and carts to escort you from your vehicle to the church if needed. I heard a whisper that there are possibly, plans already in the works for expansion!!  
We will always endeavor to do whatever we can do to provide a home for the lost and help establish the Kingdom of God on this earth. What greater cause could you find to sow a financial seed into? Click on the donate button below. Tithes, offerings, and donations to the building fund may be submitted through this process. 

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