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Requests for Prayer

Pastor Greg & Jane Willis

Sandra Mills

Madison Reed

Delbert & Cindy Odom

Carol Johnson

Dorothy Loftin

Aubrey Moran

Linda Leo

Rocky & Gretna Bloodsworth

The Mason Family

Julia Hess

The Burns Family

Lauretta McMillan

Tori Stanton

Molly Matthews

Viola Cleo Bradshaw

The Eddie Ash Family

Darrell Seiber

Patricia Jimenez

Charles Huber

Connie Laird

Kay Mills

Jim Ashworth

Elizabeth Burns

Missy Lawrence

Norma Dixon

Nate Gary

The Jeff Johnson Family

Clinton Perkins

Mary Willis

Randy Grantham

Marge Mellon

Margaret Bell

Mike Dixon

Bryan & Patty Hardisty

The Kyle Johnson Family

The Joey Rogers Family


Submit your prayer request.

We are not a fearful people. We are a praying people!!

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