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Checking in at the Soul Sister's Station

Thursday, September 16th, 2021, was the first Soul Sisters meeting under our “new roof”. There were 105 ladies in attendance, from all ages and religious backgrounds. Our ladies at the coffee bar served up a delicious Caramel Frappe’ as we mingled in the foyer before the start of service. Our fellowship was followed by an awesome worship service in the sanctuary, where during a brief intermission, seven lucky ladies were gifted with Soul Sisters VIP Women’s Conference boxes. These boxes were packed with all different kinds of goodies and free tickets for the two-night event in January.

The title of the lesson was “Girl You Got Issues”, and each lady was given a compact mirror along with a makeup wipe. The Pastor’s wife, Jane, and daughter-in-law, Tori, each spoke on many issues that we as women face today. They delivered messages that circled around how we try to hide, disguise, carry, and hold on to these issues, instead of dealing with them and letting them go. The following is just a little snippet:

We are not justified in any shape, form or fashion by hanging on to these things. God did not create us to be burdened down with offenses, hurt feelings, anger and bitterness. If we let these things take a stronghold in our hearts and minds, God cannot and will not use us to win others to Him. We have to come to the conclusion that yes, we do have issues, but we are going to deal with them and move on.” The service concluded with prayer at the altar and it was plain to see that many women were touched that night by the messages preached.


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