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Kross River Kimsey

I need to brag on MY GOD!! Ya'll know that my 14 month old son, Kross, was admitted in the hospital on Wednesday with RSV and a touch of pneumonia. Well he was released on Saturday due to his breathing being better. We also found out while in the hospital, that he was anemic and a blood test showed his red blood cell count as less than 7,000 - and it should be around 18,000. We were told that we needed to bring him in on Tuesday for a follow up appointment and they would repeat blood work to check his red blood count level and if it was still too low they would need to do a blood transfusion that day.

As parents that's not what you want to hear but they had to prepare us for the worst, so we went to praying and we tried not to stay focused on it too much. I already knew what God could and would do for our baby boy. But sometimes the enemy tries to tell you different. That's when you just have to remind him who he is and WHO YOU ARE!!! A child of the MOST HIGH!!! 🙌🏼 God said to me "do you trust me Kisha?" I told him "with all of my heart" and I smiled SO BIG!! 😊

Well Klint brings Kross this morning to his follow up appt and Klint tells me Dr. Clark went to listen to his lungs and Kross started smiling at him SO BIG. Dr. Clark said "I've never in all my years seen a baby this young light up the room with a smile like his". Then started telling all his staff to come look at him smile. Yeah proud mommy moment. 😍

So what are his red blood count levels??....over 12,000!!! 🙌🏼 Can't no man tell me that there is not a God. Can't no man touch what God can do! If you're in need and you feel you have no hope look UP ⬆️ God is still God and He's still healing and waiting for you to believe in Him.

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