We encourage EVERYONE to get involved!!

Cross Ties

“Within these walls, we…are…real. We make mistakes. We say I’m sorry. We give and get second chances. We laugh. We cry. We give and get hugs. We forgive. We are patient. We love and are loved.” — Director Tammy Rogers
Cross Ties is a group setting designed to offer support and encouragement to new or struggling Christians. Whether you just need a little positive reinforcement or are fighting in the most difficult struggle of your life, this is for YOU!

Soul Sisters

​ “Soul Sisters” is not a church-minded event, but rather a Kingdom-minded event. We have asked God to send us women from all four corners of this town, community, and parish, that have a strong desire to connect “soul to soul” with other women.
As sisters in Christ unite, we can be more effective in reaching our community. Our meetings are seasonal, but open to women of all denominations and backgrounds. We would love for you to come and enjoy a ‘night out’ with God and the girls. We want you to feel His presence and experience the anointing that He saturates us with each and every time we meet.
The best! food, door prizes, games, fun, fellowship, music, …and a time of intimate worship that is so powerful when we get together with our sisters.  We can’t wait to see you there!

Joy Bombs

“Joy Bombs” is made up of a fun-filled pack of ladies that are guaranteed to make your cheeks sore from smiling.  The door is open to everyone, however the group mainly centers around divorced or widowed women, age 50+.  They come together in the strength of the Lord to fight against loneliness, depression, fear, bitterness, & unforgiveness. They are messengers of encouragement whose aim is for you to know that you never have to fight alone!! 

Bible Journaling

In this fun work group, we worship the Lord through art!  It’s a wonderful and new way of studying the Word.  One doesn’t have to be ‘an artist’ to do this.  It’s all about a personal journey with Him.  “When a child draws something, it’s from the heart. The recipient loves it and proudly displays it.  That’s how I think God feels about us illustrating our faith.”  

Men of Iron

Proverbs 27:17 tells us Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another (ESV). As we continually strive to encourage each other, we are also enjoying other churches getting involved. It is not about denomination, religion, or trying to influence others with doctrine. It is about overcoming division and coming together in unity to lift up, honor, and praise our Lord and Savior. In our services, we pray, praise, worship, and definitely eat from the Word and the kitchen. We want to do all that we can do, to become and remain steadfast as the husbands, fathers, brothers…men that God has called us all to be! This is a mandate that cannot be be compromised by division in the Body of Christ.