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Circumstances & Arrival Time

How would your life change, if you could only travel by foot? Imagine how much longer it would take for you to go places, like, New Orleans, for example. It might be a once in a lifetime trip. Imagine how many stops you would have to make along the way. How long do you think it would take you & your family to get to New Orleans on foot? Therefore, it's to see that it's not just how far you have to travel, but the circumstances that you have to travel with.

Sometimes, you are closer to your destination that you might think or imagine…closer than you would have ever believed possible, and the enemy cannot change the distance! It is as close as it is. When you're close, he can't stop ya from being close, and the Holy Spirit will let you know when you're close. "You are nearer to your salvation then when you first believed". "You are closer now than you've ever been in your life". Have you ever heard those words from God? "Don't give up. Don't give out. Hold on. The blessing is close. You're on the verge of it. You're on the edge. You're about to step into it". It's not the distance. The enemy can't change the distance. He can't take the goal and move it back.

The fact - the Bible says, "Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching to those things which are before, we press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God". It's marked. It is where it is, and the devil can't keep movin' it back, but it does feel like that sometimes. It feels like every time you're on the verge of finally gettin' your hands around the thing you are believing that God will do, that the devil said, "Uh-uh, no, I'm movin' it back.

He can't move it back, and it's not far. Look at the Isrealites! From Egypt to the Promise land was no great distance. It should have taken about three days to get there. Yet, those three days ended up being 40 years. Isn't it amazing how somethin' that should've happened so quickly, can take so long? It's not like they kept movin' the Promised Land. You're not there yet… for 40 years…hmm. It was always where it was supposed to be.

The enemy could not change the location of the destination, but, oh, how he can work with them circumstances! The circumstances whereby we travel are what cause our faith to be significant. That's not the distance. You're always close to your blessing. The destination is already set into play by God! "These shall be mine". It is the manipulation of my circumstances in relation to my faith that dictates my time of arrival.


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