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"Away In A Manger"

The children’s Christmas Program was a bounding success this past Sunday. The ‘set’ was beautifully designed and the children in costumes - from sheep to shepherd - were a precious sight to behold. Program Director, Amanda Hussong, did a magnificent job managing this great presentation. The children sang several traditional Christmas Carols, with the congregation joining the entire cast at the close of the service, singing “O Come All Ye Faithful”.

In case you missed it, check out this link or go over to our facebook page and see some photos of the service. (facebook)

In celebration of the Christmas Hoilday, our usual Wednesday evening service was moved to Tuesday. Our Pastor Greg Willis & his wife Jane Willis, made this change to the church service schedule, in order for friends and families to hopefully have more time together over the next few days. This Tuesday night service turned out to be a good ole’ fashioned singing! Approximately 15 names were lined-up on the list and everyone did an outstanding job.


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