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God delivers...

It's true that God is all-powerful, but he doesn't bully innocent people. For the wicked though, it's a different story. He doesn't give them the time of day, but champions the rights of their victims. He never takes his eyes off the righteous. He honors them lavishly and promotes them endlessly. When things go badly and affliction and suffering descend, God tells them where they've gone wrong. He shows them how their pride has caused their trouble, forces them to heed his warning and tells them they must repent of their bad life. If they obey and serve him, they'll have a good, long life on easy street. But if they disobey, they'll be cut down in their prime and never know the first thing about life. Angry people without God pile grievance upon grievance, always blaming others for their troubles. Living it up in sexual excesses, virility wasted, they die young. But those who learn from their suffering, God delivers from their suffering.

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