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Cross Ties​

"Within these walls, we...are...real. We make mistakes.  We say I'm sorry.  We give and get second chances.  We laugh.  We cry.  We give and get hugs.  We forgive.  We are patient.  We love and are loved."  

Cross Ties is a group setting designed to offer support and encouragement to new or struggling Christians.  Whether you just need a little positive reinforcement or are fighting in the most difficult struggle of your life, this class is for YOU!  


Cross Ties meets every Tuesday night from 6:00 to 7:00 at Christ Church. 


Drug Court (AA)

This class is designed to provide encouragement, spiritual guidance, counseling, and self-motivational tools for addicts, while going through the steps. Our doors are always open to whosoever, but bare in mind, the focus is on recovery and restoration; Fulfilling the orders of the court, for those ordered to attend.


If you are broken and feel like you'll never get free - stop listening to that voice in your head. It's a lie. You are not hopeless!! You are not too far gone!! Your world isn't ending. Don't ignore that tugging at your heart. Jesus loves you so much, HE DIED FOR YOU. The Bible says that His plans for you are perfect! You have not done anything so bad that God won't reach out for you. You can be healed and made whole - we want that for you - mind, body, soul, and spirit!!  

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