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Things are Jumpin at Joy Bombs!

This past Friday, November 12th, 2021, several ladies gathered in a classroom for their bi-monthly meeting of The Joy Bombs. Leader, Deborah Trahan, put out a beautiful spread of delicious snacks, and one of the ladies walked away with a beautiful door prize. Even better, the ladies had a great time of discussion and fellowship, around a Bible study that centered on deeper intimacy during prayer and meditation. All-be-it, these women are full of joy and they spread it wherever & whenever the opportunity arises.

This class is open to women any age, in any life situation. However, the group is centered around women, age 50 or older, who are widowed or single or just find themselves struggling day-to-day with depression or anxiety & problems that present themselves in ways in which, you realize you could benefit from the love and support of like-minded friends.


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